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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see your products before I join?
Yes, you can view our products on our retail site at http://raddezigns.com however there is no obligation to join the wholesale program so we recommend going ahead and joining so you can see your pricing also.

I am not in the USA. Can I join and purchase wholesale?
Yes, in fact we are currently actively searching for new international retailers to carry our products. Please remember all pricing and language are in US and English.

Is there a minimum I have to purchase of each item?
No, you can purchase as few as one item. NOTE: You must purchase at least 20 total items to receive the wholesale price. This can be 20 different items.

Can I just purchase one item?
Yes, however if you only purchase one total item you will be charged retail for it. The first discount is reached when you add a total of 20 items to your cart.

Do I have to have a tax id or other business forms to purchase wholesale?
No, we only require the basic info like your address. We do not require any tax info or other business info.

Are your decals packaged for retail display?
Yes, all standard items shown will come individually packaged for "J-Hook" display.

Do the decals have individual UPC bar codes and numbers on each item?
No, because of the total number of decals we offer (close to 1 million including variations) at this time we do not offer UPC's for our decals.

Does Rad Dezigns charge any other fees for the wholesale program like membership fees?
No, we do not charge any type of membership or other fees. You only pay for what you purchase. We do not even store or require you to keep a credit card on file.

Are there any restrictions on where or how I can sell Rad Dezigns decals?
1 - Decals cannot be sold for less than the MSRP.
2 - (USA Sellers Only) Decals cannot be sold on any online market place such as Amazon or Ebay where you are in direct competition with Rad Dezigns.

My Question is not listed. How can I contact Rad Dezigns?
You can email us at sales@raddezigns.com or call us toll free at 1-855-7500RAD Mon-Fri 8am-4pm Eastern Time.

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